Children have different ways of behaving with others. How does your child like to spend time and how does he or she act? Match your child’s temperament with the style of an early learning program. Remember, there is no right or wrong temperament or personality. Understanding your child’s activity level and personality will help you find the best early learning program for your

What is your child’s personal style?


  • Flexible
  • Approaches new people/situations with ease
  • Good with transitions

Find large group settings that provide social opportunities and new experiences.

Cautious/Slow to warm up

  • Thoughtful
  • Cautious in new surroundings/with new people
  • Has difficulty with transitions

Find small group settings that ore less overwhelming.


  • Passionate, feels things intensely
  • Has difficulty controlling strong feelings
  • Impatient and demanding

Find programs where each child has a primary caregiver.

How does your child react to the world?

Big Reactors

  • Expresses feelings and does not hold back

Find caregivers who help your child express emotions in a more controlled way.

Low Reactors

  • Plays quietly, fusses very little and sleeps a lot Find teachers who introduce new activities gently.

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