I think it is a fun, clean and friendly environment for children to learn and grow. – Sean Bowers, Attended PPLC

Wonderful school! Fantastic staff, very friendly, loves my three grandkids. My 4-year old is starting VPK this fall and can’t wait!! 5 stars out of 5 stars. Thank you Joanne Parks! – Hayley Young

I like how they have fun things to do while the little kids sleep. You get to play arts and crafts and other fun things. – Luis S., Attended PPLC Summer Camp

What I like about Parks’ Place is that the teachers are nice, they have fun things and they have great food. – Izzy W., Attended PPLC

Mrs. Parks is super excited about making the children in her center happy! They have tons of fun! We love her! – Ricki Bower

I am a foster mother who brings all my children to Parks’ Place. Why?? Because I love and my children love Parks’ Place!! The staff is very understanding, professional, and caring for the children. They are engaged, active, and learn a lot. When I first toured Parks’ Place, I knew this is where my kids would be. – Patrina Durham

Mrs. Parks is so dedicated to all her kids/students to have the best possible experience. She has a great spirit for children and loves her children very much. My son enjoyed his time at Parks’ Place his first four years of life. He loves the books his teachers read to him, all the field trips they went on, and he also loved nap time. – Nick Beninati

Parks’ Place is a family friendly highly educational establishment that aims on developing children to their highest potential. It provides a fun learning environment that makes education a worthwhile experience. – James, Kris & Sean, Attended Parks’ Place

Parks’ Place looks nice, friendly, fun and clean. Isabella is looking forward to attending. – Rachel H.

We are so excited for our daughter Lena to start school at Parks’ Place. She is looking forward to learning. – La’Shawn McKever

My child was a part of the Parks’ Place Daycare since he was a baby. Now that he’s back he is very excited. They have wonderful teachers/providers for the children. Parks’ Place always has some wonderful event going on and keeps the events family oriented. – Raymond Nunez

It is a great place with an amazing staff. Had a few family members come and loved it. – Krista Osborne

I absolutely love it here! I love how everyone is in touch and communicating. I think it’s awesome that you have such an open door for parents to volunteer and be involved. – Alex Spadea

All four of my grandchildren are or have been students here. This center has been so nurturing and loving. All have made friends that have lasted years. The educational program is excellent. All have been wonderfully prepared for elementary school. They are like family! – Carlene Irvine

We are very excited about Drake starting VPK. This was our first visit and was very impressed. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I feel very comfortable with my child attending. – Breanne Abbott

I heard about Parks’ Place on the internet and saw a lot of good reviews. So far it sounds like a really good place. – Laura Starling

I’ve had my children enrolled in Parks’ Place for over seven years and I have no regrets at all. There’s no other daycare that can amount to the knowledge that your children will experience here. – Anonymous

We chose this daycare because it’s close to our home and to my mom’s school. The people that work here seem very friendly. I think my son will enjoy being here and will learn a lot. – Cameron’s Dad

I am a 13-year old Auntie. Very excited about the thrill of Cameron’s first daycare, Parks’ Place. – Jada R.

Excited about Parks’ Place Daycare & Learning Center. Amazing open house, friendly staff and Ms. Deborah seems like an excellent infant teacher. Looking forward to the experience. – Sabrina Richard

I love this school because they are always nice to me and take me outside. – Leileany, Attended PPLC

This will be Leyla’s first time in school and she is really excited to be here. We’re also very excited she is starting a new chapter in her life. – Homer Wright III

Parks’ Place Daycare & Learning Center is an awesome place. My son started attending when he was only six months old and graduated from VPK in 2014. Kindergarten and first grade have been a cinch for my little guy with the head start he received attending Parks’ Place. I would recommend this center to anyone looking for a clean, caring and accredited daycare where their child can learn, make friends and have fun. – Courtney Beninati

Everyone is friendly – always nice greetings on the phone and in person. I’m impressed with the washing of the hands upon entering the classroom. The children are sweet and love to say “hi” and “bye.” The children listen to the teachers. The library is very well organized. I like the Facebook page – it’s fun to see activities and smiling faces. – Nana Harper