Classroom News

Here’s what’s happening this month at Park’s Place Learning Center.

Butterfly Infant


Infants have been having so much fun this September. They have done some tummy time, listened to music, and have read a lot! They’ve also been riding buggies outside.

Ms. Carmen 

Grasshopper Twos


The Two year old classroom has enjoyed learning the letters and numbers in both English and Spanish. They’ve also been learning about the colors and numbers of the week!

Ms. Alleneishsa

VPK News

VPK News

Chika Chicka Boom Boom; Welcome to our classroom! VPK is excited about learning new concepts and exploring  with their minds and hands. They are very curious about learning. There’s a lot of excitement about Grandparent Week and they’ve been expressing how special grandparents are to them through little activities.

Mrs. Michelle, VPK A 

Ms. Reginia VPK C Wrap

Busy Bee Ones

Busy Bees/Ones

The One-year-olds ended summer with a BANG! They learned their ABC’s and are learning how to be more social with their friends. They really enjoy painting, scribbles and singing!

Ms. Alexandria

Pawsomes Threes


The Three’s Class is ready to start school! We learned all of our new routines so we know how our classroom works. We did our first parent engagement activity and really enjoyed the outcome of the ME collages.

Ms. Miller


Dates to Remember

  • Sept 5: Labor Day, PPLC Closed
  • Sep 8: My Vision @ 9:30 am
  • Sept 9: Grandparent’s Day/Patriot Day
  • Sept 11: Remembrance Day
  • Sep 15: My Gym @ 9 am
  • Sept 22: First Day of Fall
  • Sept 23: Field Trip- Hands on Museum
  • Sept 29: Early Dismissal
  • Sep 27th-Oct 1st : Parent Teacher Conferences

Book of the Month

Reading is FUN!

Please read to your child for 30 minutes every night. Reading is food for the brain, improves future academic performance and strengthens the bond between you and your child.

“A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.”

– Chinese Proverb

How to Potty Train Your Child

Age 2 is a good age to start.

  • Get a potty chair and explain its use.
  • Use words you want your child to use.
  • Dress your child in easy to manage clothes.
  • Allow your child to practice.
  • Praise any success – never punish.

For more toiletry mastery tips visit our blog post Toilet Mastery – How do I teach my child?


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