Classroom News

Here’s what’s happening this month at Park’s Place Learning Center.

Butterfly Infant


Summer, summer, summer why do you have to end? We have had so much fun learning our colorful shapes and using our senses to crumple paper. Our infants enjoyed learning new songs, colors and letters during circle time. During the month of July we continued to introduce new colors and shapes. We always like to pretend to call our mommies and daddies on the phone. We are ready for a new adventure in the month of August.

Mrs. Darchelle

Mrs. Carmen

Grasshopper Twos


The grasshoppers celebrated the 4th of July with art activities like making flags using the letter F. We talked about why we celebrate 4th of July as well. After all the fireworks settled, we talked about camping. We pretended to go camping by setting up tents in the classroom and going on bear hunts. We played games using flashlights and we made our own bonfire. After camping we went on an animal safari and learned about different animals and where they live. We ended the month by going on an Under the Sea and Pirate adventure where we talked about pirates and even got to dress up as pirates. We also learned about animals under the sea and made turtles and other sea creatures.

Mrs. Meyda

VPK News

Summer VPK News:


We had an awesome time learning about the birth of our nation in VPK last month. We pretended to go camping and learned about safari animals and their habitat. We wrapped up our month with a pirate adventure. We got to pretend we were pirates and learned about underwater sea life.

Mrs. Mincey

Busy Bee Ones

Busy Bees/Ones

In July our busy bees did a variety of activities! We celebrated America’s independence by making flags. We talked about transportation and made truck tracks and painted. We talked about camping and went on a bear hunt. We really enjoyed our Animal Adventure week where we learned about different animals and did a animal collage. Our under the sea theme was awesome. We made our very own aquarium. Every Friday our busy bees had a blast during water play. We had a busy month; now we are looking forward to the beginning of a new school year.

Mrs. LeQueshia

Pawsomes Threes


The Mighty Ducks were very busy this July! In the beginning of the month, we learned about Yankee Doodle and the Fourth of July! We made fireworks and flags. Then we went camping and made our own bonfire as well as making delicious s’mores. For our animal adventure we sang about 5 little monkeys, did lots of counting activities and made elephant pencil holders. We also had a blast with our under the sea pirate adventure where we made our own aquarium.


Ms. Miller


Dates to Remember

  • August 5: Open House
  • August 14: First Day of VPK
  • August 20-28: PPLC Rituals and Routines
  • August 31-4: PPLC Assessments
  • Sept 8-11: VPK Assessments & ASQZ


Three year old milestones

Back to School

Whether your child is enrolled in our VPK program, in one of our infant or toddler rooms or attends a public school we wish you all a productive and successful school year!

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  • Khaki Jumpers
  • Tennis Shoes (No Open Toed or Backless Shoes)

Uniforms can be purchased at Walmart, Target or K-Mart. Used uniforms are also available at consignment shops at deeply discounted prices.


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