Tips For Picking a Daycare or Learning Center in Jacksonville, FL

Choosing a daycare provider is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. A daycare program that meets your child’s unique needs will help them grow and develop as early learners. There are many qualities to consider when choosing a daycare. Think about your child’s personality, reaction style, activity levels, and other traits when choosing a daycare program. Keep reading for expert tips for picking a daycare center that’s best for your Jacksonville family!

How to pick a daycare for your child’s personal style

Your child has a special personality that’s unique to them. Think about their personal style to find a daycare that supports their needs.

Adaptable and Outgoing Personalities

It’s easy to tell if your child has an adaptable personality because they are flexible in the face of change. They are outgoing and can confidently approach new people and situations. This personality type also has an easy time with transitions, such as bedtime or getting ready in the morning.

If you have an adaptable or outgoing child, look for daycares with large group settings that include social opportunities and new experiences.

Cautious Personalities

Your cautious child may be thoughtful and slow to warm up. They are careful in new surroundings or when meeting new people. If your child struggles with transitions, they may be cautious.

If your child has a cautious personality, the best Jacksonville daycare for them features small group settings that are less overwhelming.

Feisty and Energetic Personalities

Your feisty child is full of energy and emotions! They are passionate and have strong reactions. Energetic children may have a hard time controlling their feelings. At times they can be impatient and demanding.

If you have a feisty or energetic child, find a daycare where each child has a primary caregiver. A personal attachment to a specific caregiver will help your child navigate their big feelings.


The best daycare for your child’s reaction style

Children react in different ways. What can be a big event for one child may not be an issue for another. Consider your child’s typical reaction style when you’re looking for the best daycare for them.

Big Reactors

Big reactors have big reactions! These children regularly express their thoughts and feelings in bold ways. They don’t hold back, even when you might want them to.

If your child is a big reactor, look for Jacksonville, FL daycare providers who can help your child express their emotions more healthily and productively.

Low Reactors

If you have a low reactor, other parents may have commented on how calm and easy-going they seem. These children are happy to play quietly. They self-sooth, don’t fuss very often, and may sleep a lot.

If your child is a low reactor, you can encourage their easy-going personality. Find teachers who calmly and gently introduce new friends and activities.

Choosing a daycare for physical activity

Early childhood is a busy, active time when children learn how to use their bodies. However, children do show a range of activity levels. Keep your child’s activity preferences in mind when choosing the best Jacksonville daycare.

High activity

Your highly active child is always on the go. They love exploring their surroundings and discovering new body movements.

If you have a high activity child, find daycare programs that offer one-on-one attention. Your child will love being able to explore safely through lots of physical play.

Low activity

Your low activity child is building their senses. They like to sit quietly and explore the world in a way that helps them feel safe.

Choose a daycare with sensory activities for your low activity child. These activities help children develop their senses of sight, smell, taste, feel, and sound as they learn.

Social styles in daycare

How social is your child? Daycare teaches important socialization skills, but every child has a different comfort level. Consider your child’s social styles to find the best daycare for your family.

Very social children

If your child enjoys meeting new people and loves interacting with others, they are likely very social.

Give your child lots of opportunities to make friends in a Jacksonville daycare where they can play in groups.

Less social children

Less social children may feel shy and reserved around strangers. They like playing and having fun, but they often need extra time to feel comfortable with new people.

Support your less social child’s learning with a slow-paced daycare program that allows them to settle in at their own pace.


Dealing with change at daycare

Change can be hard for young children. How does your child cope with change? Think about their usual reactions to change when finding the best daycare for your family.

High change tolerance

If your child is highly tolerant of change, they are very adaptable to new situations. Changes don’t usually disturb them. They also handle frustration well.

Find a daycare center with mixed-age groups, which provide frequent challenges and offer high levels of stimulation.

Low change tolerance

Does your child get upset when their normal routine is disrupted? They may be easily frustrated and bothered by changes.

Support your child with a daycare program that offers same-age groups and consistent routines.

Consider your unique daycare needs

Don’t forget about your family’s unique situation when reviewing these tips for picking a daycare. Your ideal daycare will support your cultural identity, dietary preferences, sleep routine, and more. Your daycare provider is a partner in your child’s early learning, so don’t settle for anything less than the best fit.

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