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Butterfly Infant


Love month is over but love still fills the infant room every day. We had so much fun during the month making valentines for our parents and we also did Safari weeks. We exercised and practiced using our motor skills. We learned to play Peek-A-Boo and pretended to call home on our play phones. We learned about Safari Animals and read lots of books about those animals. Songs about our letters and sounds fill the air every day. Making our new sounds makes us giggle and we can’t wait to explore during the month of March as we welcome Spring. Thank you for your support of the butterfly infants.

Mrs. Carmen & Mrs. Sheena

Grasshopper Twos


Hi, parents! Another great month has ended. We covered a lot of themes and stuff this month. We did Black History Trivia and Ground Hog Day! We celebrated out 100th day of school with the theme of Forests. Onto the next week, every Wednesday, we celebrated Black History by wearing Black History Attire. On Valentine’s Day, we had a celebration. Thanks to my awesome parents, it was a success. You all made it happen. Next these was Safari and we pretended to go to so many place in the Safari. Lastly, we had our Black History Soul Food Festival with students dressing up as their favorite Black History person. Until next month!
Ms. Iman

VPK News


February was full of learning and celebrating! We celebrated all we’d learned so far on the 100th day of school. We discussed, read, and demonstrated love in our classroom. All month we explored the forest and safari animals. We also had a Valentine’s Day celebration. Elections were held for class offices as we learned about presidents of the past and present. Each day after the pledge we enjoyed a Moment in Black History and ended the month with great presentations on individuals who were important to black history such as Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and Michael Jordan to name a few. We had a Black History Zoom Program where we showed the parents all the Black History that we learned through out the month. March will be filled with learning and preparation for graduation! Spring will be here, and graduation is right around the corner!

Mrs. Michelle VPK A

Ms. Reginia VPK C Wrap

Ms. Miller

Busy Bee Ones

Busy Bees/Ones

We learned about the forest and safari animals in the month of February! We created animals and colored them. We also made Valentine’s Day art and had a great celebration. We spread some love all around the center. The Busy Bees are looking forward to a terrific March and welcoming Spring.

Mrs. Paolo & Ms. Tyresha

Pawsomes Threes


February was a busy month for us! We learned about some of our US Presidents. Black History Month was celebrated by learning about a different person each week. We had a great time with our Valentine’s Celebration. We made hearts for our families and had a little party. Our study of forest, animals and safaris was wild. March brings Spring and our study of transportation. We will be happy to have nice weather to be outside using our large motor skills!

Ms. Darchelle

Dates to Remember

  • Mar 1: MDA Shamrock Campaign Begins
  • Mar 2-8: Dr. Seuss’ Week
  • Mar 2: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
  • Mar 8: International Women’s Day
  • Mar 10: Daylight Savings
  • Mar 13: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
  • Mar 18 – 22: PPLC Spring Break Camp NO VPK
  • Mar 18: MDA Shamrock Campaign Ends
  • Mar 19: First Day of Spring
  • Mar 28: Easter Celebration
  • Mar 29: Good Friday – PPLC Closed
  • TBA: Graduation Pictures

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