Parks’ Place happily recommends HappyFeet Soccer as a place for your little one to gain physical exercise and built team values.

HappyFeet offers age-appropriate child fitness soccer programs that are GREAT FUN for kids. Our team of experienced youth soccer coaches come to your school once a week, delivering convenience, safety, savings and enjoyment for families.

Programs include:

  • Little Toes (ages 2-3)
  • Big Toes (ages 4-5)
  • Future Legends (ages 6+)

Benefits for Kids:

HappyFeet Instructors use stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and fun games designed to:

  • Captivate & entertain
  • Teach creative soccer technique
  • Enhance motor development
  • Develop social skills & self esteem

The HappyFeet goal is that each and every kid has fun, improves their fitness, increases their enjoyment of fitness activities, achieves a higher self concept and gains advance skill! HappyFeet curriculum benefits both boys and girls in its goals and through its approach.

Parent Benefits:

  • Save time! No driving or waiting.
  • Evening free of one extra activity
  • Reduce Stress: One less thing to do, one less place to be
  • Save money on care wear, gas, and food
  • HappyFeet is a  safe environment

Learn more about HappyFeet at

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