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Butterfly Infant


We had an exciting month We enjoyed the warm days with buggy rides and stayed nice and warm inside on the cold days. We sang songs and used puppets to sing songs about the weather, and also about healthy habits. We read a lot of books this month and sand a lot of songs. We look forward to another exciting month in February.

Mrs. Carmen
Mrs. Nadia

Grasshopper Twos


January was a busy month in the Grasshopper class. We started off the month by welcoming 2021 Happy New Year! This month was super exciting. We learned a lot of things. The unit of Healthy Habits has a lot to offer beginning by eating healthy foods like apples, bananas, grapes, lettuce, and tomatoes. We introduced the letters A, B, C, D, and E and the numbers 21 22 23 and 19. Colors white, red, green, pink, black. Shapes octagon, crescent, hexagon, pentagon. We celebrated MLK’s birthday. We also celebrated inauguration day. Our first woman Vice President was sworn in! Fridays is Spirit Day, where we wear our Spirit Day shirts. January was a blast and we can’t wait until February to see what’s next.

Ms. Reginia

VPK News


January was a busy month! We learned about the weather and what types of clothing we need to wear for each type of weather We welcomed in the New Year and our friends back to Parks’ Place We also talked about healthy habits such as eating fruits and vegetables and washing our hands. We remembered Dr Martin Luther King with songs and a big Peace Parade at school. We continue to honor Dr. King recalling his diligent work and love for all people. Another highlight for the VPK’s was learning about Healthy/non healthy foods. We also exercised which the children enjoyed doing daily. We also talked about rainbows and what makes them appear. We were able to enjoy the outside with all of the warm weather we had in January. Most importantly of all we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day! That he was one of the greatest heroes in the 20 th century. We can’t wait for the fun to start in February.

Ms. Butler, VPK C
Ms. Mincey VPK A

Busy Bee Ones

Busy Bees/Ones

January has been a very exciting month We have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr and all his work to gain equality for all people. We have talked about different types of weather and how to dress accordingly. We read a lot of books and talked about healthy food we could eat instead of junk food. We also talked about healthy habits. We can’t wait to see what fun we will have next month.

Ms. Emani
Ms. Daija h

Pawsomes Threes


January was a fun filled month for our three year old class. They enjoyed talking about Dr. Martin Luther King. They also made MLK hats. We ended the month learning about healthy habits. The children named their favorite foods that they enjoy eating. Surprisingly, most of the children said they love broccoli or carrots. We talked about eating healthy and washing our hands to remove germs. In February we will be studying forest and safari animals, as well as, celebrating Black History Month.

Ms. Miller

Parks' Place - Daycare and Learning Center

Dates to Remember

  • Feb. 1: Beginning of Black History Month
  • Feb. 2: Groundhog Day
  • Feb. 4: 100 th Day of School
  • Feb. 10: Wear Red & Pink
  • Feb. 12: Valentine’s Day Party
  • Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day
  • Feb. 15: President’s Day NO VPK
  • Feb. 16 18: VPK Election Campaign
  • Feb. 19 VPK Election Day
  • Feb. 26: Black History Soul Food Festival
  • Feb. 26: Black History Program 202 1

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