June Happenings at Parks’ Place

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Classroom News

Butterfly Infant


 The butterflies had so much fun learning about under the sea, pond life, birds and fun summer activities. The infants enjoyed making finger painting art. The spring festivities were infused into the arts curriculum and handprints were featured this month. The babies enjoyed creating personalized cards for mother’s day. They also celebrated spring by learning songs, stories and colors. The infants participated in floor time learning and having tummy time. We also rode the bye bye buggy on nice days. We anticipate all the fun activities to come in June.

Mrs. Carmen & Mrs. Maidy

Grasshopper Twos


May had us jumping for joy as we learned about everything from animals under the sea to which birds fly and which ones don’t. We had loads of fun making Mother’s day gifts for our moms. We also learned about a lot of fun activities we can do over the summer.

Ms. Iman/Ms. Qyntiera

VPK News


Congratulations VPK class of 2017!!!! We had such an awesome month in May. We enjoyed Cinco de Mayo with piñatas and a nacho tasting. We celebrated our mother’s by hosting a breakfast and tea for them. The children truly enjoyed going to Westview to see what “big” school is all about. What a great experience for them to help get them excited for Kindergarten! Have a great summer if you aren’t joining us here and good luck next year!

Mrs. Michelle VPK A

Ms. Reginia VPK C Wrap

Ms. Miller

Busy Bee Ones

Busy Bees/Ones

This month the Busy Bees celebrated Mother’s Day with our Mother’s Day Tea and we made gifts for our moms. We showed our appreciation to our teachers during Teacher appreciation week. We made flowers, ducks, and even a birds nest. We talked about animals who live under the sea. We made jellyfish, a octopus, whales and learned about all kinds of sea animals. We reviewed our letters, colors, shapes and numbers.

Mrs. Paolo & Ms. Tyresha

Pawsomes Threes


We had a great time in the 3’s class last month. We celebrated Mother’s day with a Tea for mom, we talked about birds and how they live. Then we jumped into under the sea life and learned about jellyfish, octopi, and a host of other animals who make their home under the water. We made lots of cool things like rainbow fish. After talking about life under the sea and birds we made dirt cups for snack. It was a lot of fun.

Ms. Darchelle

Summer Camp Field Trips

  • June 3-7: Vacation Bible School/Celebration Week
  • June 10-14: Wacky Watermelon Week
  • June 12: Summer Camp: CiCi’s Pizza Kinslane Park
  • June 14: Father’s Day Arts & Crafts
  • June 17-21: Apple of My Eye Week
  • June 17: Summer Camp: Maxville Library
  • June 17: Donuts with Dad
  • June 19: Apple Pie Day
  • June 20: Summer Camp: St Augustine Field Trip
  • June 21: Banana Pudding Day
  • June 24-28: Going Bananas Week
  • June 26: Summer Camp: Jumbo Shrimp Field Trip
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Fun in the Sun!

Summer begins on June 21st this year! We’ll all be spending a lot more time outdoors doing all kinds of fun activities.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your little one safe and happy this Summer!

  1. Protect against bites and stings with insect repellant.
  2. Always keep a first aid kit handy, at home and in the car.
  3. Always have your child wear a helmet when biking or skating.
  4. Stay hydrated with water or drinks with electrolytes.
  5. Wear sunscreen.

View more tips and information about Summer Safety.



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